Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (Payroll, Payable etc.)

Business Process Outsourcing means outsourcing of any function i.e. Payable, Collections, Payroll, tax filings, reconciliations etc. to professional accountants for processing and execution.

Why Business Process Outsourcing ?

These are support functions and do not require expertise to have full time senior resource. Companies which are reducing their head count, they can outsource their payable, collections, payroll, tax filings, reconciliations etc. to professional accountants.

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing

Out-sourcing has following benefits attached to it

  • Professional Services rendered by Professionals
  • Proper reporting
  • Proper management of function
  • Independent Review

Our Services

JASB has the knowledge and experience to facilitate Business Process Outsourcing by our valued clients.

We offer one-stop solution which includes the following;

  • Deployment of our staff for full time coordination
  • Proper Book Keeping & recoding in Client MIS
  • Proper review and processing of transactions
  • Proper and Timely Reporting
  • Assistance in audit of functions by the auditors of the Company

We render high-quality and cost- competitive services to our clients by making best use of technological resource. We do believe in providing value added services to our valued clients with respect to;

  • Review of Internal Control System applicable over outsourced functions etc.
  • Development of SOPs for effective and efficient Management of BPO.