Corporate Filings and Alied

Corporate Filings & Allied

Every Company is required to file certain returns with respect to its corporate conduct including shareholding, director, officers, chief executive officer, legal advisor, annual accounts, meetings etc.

Why Corporate Filings

It is mandatory to file & update information with respect to corporate action of the company with respect to Director, Chief Executive, Officer, Meetings, Auditor, Accounts etc. in Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Benefits of Companies

  1. It has following benefits attached to it
  2. Corporate compliance
  3. Savings from penal actions

Our Services

JASB has the knowledge and experience to make corporate filings for our clients on regular basis as required under the applicable laws.

We render high-quality and cost- competitive services to our clients by making best use of technological resource. We do believe in providing value added services to our valued clients with respect to engagement.