Corporate Structuring & Restructuring

Corporate Structuring & Restructuring

Corporate Structuring & Restructuring refers to change is corporate set-up through mergers, amalgamations, group formation & deformation, changes in MOA &AOA etc.

Why Corporate Structuring & Restructuring

Companies may acquire corporate structuring or restructuring to take the benefits of taxation and other compliances. Formation of Groups would allow companies for taxation reliefs and buying of tax losses etc. Mergers would allow to companies to use the benefits of other companies resources without creating any tax impact etc.

Benefits of Corporate Structuring & Restructuring

  1. It has following benefits attached to it
  2. Tax Savings;
  3. Reduction in corporate compliances

Our Services

JASB has the knowledge and experience to undertake and assist corporate structuring and restructuring of all types and nature for our clients in accordance with applicable laws & regulations.

We render high-quality and cost- competitive services to our clients by making best use of technological resource. We do believe in providing value added services to our valued clients with respect to engagement.