Review of Receivables

Review of Receivables

Cash is the life blood of every organization. Trade & Other receivable contribute significant shares in working capital management.

Why Review of Receivables?

Due to lack of proper reconciliations, receivable from customers pile up and at one point start creating cash flow problems for the companies. if this persist, these become time barred and difficult to recover due to lack of proper documentary evidence etc. Further it is also the responsibility of management to undertake impairment of assets if any and make provision for such impairment.

Benefits of Review of Receivables

It has following benefits attached to it;

  1. Proper & timely resolution of difference
  2. Determination of amount subject to impairment
  3. Proper & timely action against bad or irrecoverable debts
  4. Improvement in working capital due to increase in recovery
  5. Saving of finance cost

Our Services

JASB has knowledge and experience to review receivables and its reconciliation with subsidiary records. JASB does have expertise of assessment of impairment in accordance with applicable financial reporting framework.

We render high-quality and cost- competitive services to our clients by making best use of technological resource. We do believe in providing value added services to our valued clients with respect to engagement.