Retirement Fund Management

Retirement Fund Management

Retirement Fund Management means and includes management of all functions of retirement funds including book keeping, investment management, payment processing and audit. Except for approval all other functions of all funds i.e. Provident Fund, Gratuity Fund, Pension Funds etc. shall be executed by JASB.

It includes preparation of management reports and financial statements.

Why Retirement Fund Management ?

As the trustees are also employees of the Company and due to their busy schedule, they usually do not spare time to properly manage the funds under their trust. Further due to improper management of the Fund, it does not yield return equal or more than market and hence result in wastage of precious resources.

In case of provident Fund, the entire benefit goes to the employees in term of enhanced share in profits. In case of Gratuity Fund, the Company can save substantial amount from future contributions by proper management of Funds.

Why Retirement Fund Management ?

Out-sourcing has following benefits attached to it

  • Professional Services rendered by Professionals
  • Proper book keeping & audits
  • Proper management of funds as per approved investment policy
  • High Returns results in high profits or low contributions
  • No effect on approval process by Trustees

Our Services

JASB has the knowledge and experience to facilitate our clients for proper management of Retirement Funds including book keeping, reporting, processing and Investment Management in accordance with applicable laws & regulations.

We offer one-stop solution to trustee of Retirement Funds which includes the following;

  • Processing of Payments & contributions
  • Proper Book Keeping
  • Proper Reporting
  • Proper & secure management of Investments
  • Proper audit of books of accounts

We render high-quality and cost- competitive services to our clients by making best use of technological resource. We do believe in providing value added services to our valued clients with respect to;

  • Proper Maintenance of books of accounts
  • Use of accounting software
  • Experienced and qualified resources
  • Timely reporting to Client at all levels
  • Frequent liaison with Trustees
  • Preparation of Accounts as per applicable financial reporting standards
  • Tax filings; and Development of SOPs effective and efficient Retirement Fund Management.

We have devised a specialized product to cater the needs of retirement funds.